OMG! Room, Wow Skins, The Designer Circle, eXxEsS at Hair Fair 2014 and New SLink Manicures by Feel!

OMG DC ED #4_cropped

OMG DC ED #7HS_cropped

More Rocker Fashion and Accessories from the OMG! Room Round, a few items from The Designer Circle Round, just began this weekend and another beautiful new Hair Style from Hair Fair 2014 by eXxEsSWanna see it all?  Go .:HERE:. :D

Rockstar Fantasy!

Rockstar Test v3_Belle Body #1_cropped

Rockstar Test v3_#2 RedHS_cropped

Lilliana is a total Rockstar in Today’s post, that’s why I gave the post a special title, totally thought it was fitting! In my Post, you’ll see newness from Sponsors 20.FIVE, Ducknipple, and Wow Skins.  More from OMG! Room, and Hair Fair 2014.  The Re-Post for The Pier Market and something from Collabor88! Original Blog Post .:HERE:.!

The Month of Games, OMG! Room, Essenz, Elephante Poses, lollipopZ @ Hair Fair ’14, Morphine, Fresh Style and Resurrection GACHA Event!

lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #1_v2_cropped lp, mor,mg,tmog, ess, omg, #4hs_cropped

Nice full post Today, lots of Goodies from all over in-World. The Month of Games is in it’s Second Week, this Event runs until the 31st. If your don’t remember The Month of Games challenges Designers to create Exclusives with Board Games in Mind, like Candyland, Clue and Chess.  OMG! Room is just beginning a new round, the Round officially opens Tomorrow July 18th.  OMG! is Bi-Weekly with items sold between 25L – 100L.

News from Essenz and Elephante Poses which I will go into more later in the Post.  One of lollipopZ’s Hair Fair Exclusives. An exclusive Morphine Skin and a Brand New Event Resurrection!  All you GACHA Freaks are going to love this one, Resurrection is a GACHA Event where old GACHA’s are made NEW!  Resurrection starts July 22nd, I wanted to give a quick preview so you save those Lindens!  So sit back, relax and read on!  To read more, you must go .:HERE:.

The Pier Market, The Designer Circle, Tameless @ Hair Fair 2014, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Fresh Style and Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair!

Pier Market 5_cropped

Pier Market 3_HS_cropped

OMG!  My RL has been kicking by Ass this week.  I usually get breaks at work where I could work on posts, but not this week.  Geezzzz, I swear I have been working on this post the last 3 days!

I have tons of catching up to do now.  Today I’m talking about current rounds at The Pier Market, The Designer Circle and Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair.  I also have Hair Fair Newness courtesy of Nita Bracken of Tameless Fame! Lots more details .:HERE:.

PurpleMoon & ZoZ @ The Month of Games Event, New Theonilla & Co., Elephante Poses, elua @ Hair Fair 2014, New WoW Skins and Freebies!

TMoG #2_cropped

TMoG #4hs_cropped

The Month of Games Event, Sponsor Newness, Hair Fair Exclusives, and Freebies!  That is what I talked about on my blog Today.  You know you want to know more, if you do, come and read all about it .:HERE:.!

Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion, Sugar & Cyanide and eXxEsS at Hair Fair 2014!

Exxess Hair, Fresh Style 3v3_croppedExxess Hair, Fresh Style 5hsv3_cropped

Two new Events I will be talking about Today.  One just started, one begins Tomorrow! Fresh Style Fashion 4 Passion, opened it’s doors this past Wednesday.  Fresh Style is a brand new bi-weekly sales event. All items are sold between L$45 – L$95.  All of your favorite Designers, actually there are tons of Designers at this one.  Skins, Shapes, Clothing, Poses, etc., for both Men and Women!  This first round ends July 21st, so don’t delay!

Second Event, it’s a big one….  Hair Fair 2014 starts Today Midnight and runs until July 27th!  Lilliana is one of the proud Blogger for this Years Event.  I want to recap a little bit in case there are people that don’t know.  The Hair Fair happens once a year.  Premier Second Life Hair Designers get together create new exclusive Hair styles for the Event.  Proceeds of Hair sold at Hair Fair go to “Wigs for Kids”. For more information about Hair Fair 2014, please go to the official website that can be found .:HERE:.  If you have ever been to any of the Hair Fairs, you know that the SIM will be full, where low prim and join the Demo Group so you can try Hair Styles on before you go, the Demo Group is .:HERE:.See my full post .:HERE:.!

Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair, Free Hair, and Summer of Love!

feebs-02_cropped feebs-peace-1hs_cropped

Beginnings and endings, beginnings for some events and some endings to some events.  Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, new Round just began on the 7th and will last till the end of the Month.  Feeb’s is a Monthly reocurring Sales Event that begins each Month on the 7th!  In celebration of Hair Fair 2014, Hair Designer ChiChickie is having an in-store hunt.  Find 9 different colored stars, buy for 0 Lindens and get 9 different hair styles, some are last years Hair Fair Exclusives and there’s one for the Gents!

I should have said Middies too, as the Naughty Nitch Fashion Fair is about Mid-Way through. NNFF ends on July 21st. Sumer of Love, it was a great run, but SOL will end this Friday, July 11th, that’s tomorrow, last chance to get Summer inspired Exclusives!  Those are my Beginnings and endings in the Post Today, take a peek at the look I put on Lilli with Goodies from all of the above…  Too Peek, you have to go .:HERE:.

Calling Out to the Inner Child in all of You!

Originally posted on Welcome to Aurora Town Zindra:

The Month of Games

Something new Lilliana is involved in and wanted to share with all of you, so you can all start saving your Lindens and shop this Special Event! The Month of Games is a new Event brought to you by Siren Productions, AIM, BOSL, Boulevard, Culture Magazine, Designing SL,  ModeLS Magazine, SCALA, SL Live Radio, and Versus Magazine. The Games begin this Saturday, July 12th and run until July 31st!

Actual Press release:  “Do you remember those long summer days when you would drag out the board games and play them with friends? Maybe you played a bit of chess with Grandpa on Sundays. Did Candyland hold wonder and fascination as you visited the Lollipop Forest or Queen Frostine’s Sugary Castle? Is it possible that you always were the one to hypothesize that it was Professor Plum in the ballroom with the dagger as you super sleuthed your…

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The Designer Circle, Wow Skins, Cosmopolitan Room, Theonilla & Co., and Free Hair!!

Chichikie, Wow, Baubles, Nya, MG, Zoz, Amaralo, TC, DC, CSR #2_croppedChichikie, Wow, Baubles, Nya, MG, Zoz, Amaralo, TC, DC, CSR #1hs_cropped
I love this total look I have Lilliana in Today, it’s so Summer!  You will see what I mean if you scroll down and peep my pictures. First let me tell you what you will see here in my Post.  Lilliana’s look was put together from Fashion found at The Designer Circle, Cosmopolitan Room, a Hair Hunt and a brand new Designer Theonilla & Co., who is now also a new Sponsor for me!  Post details are .:HERE:.!