Fresh Style, Cazimi @ The Jewelry Fair 2014, Collabor88, Wow Skins @ The Unique Varied Event, Baby Monkey, and Gifts!

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Collabor88, Cazmi, BM, Wow, IKON, PP #28hs_v2_cropped

Happy Saturday All.  Fresh Style, The Jewelry Fair, Collabor88, The Unique Varied Event, a few Group Gifts and some cheap finds, that’s what I will be talking about Today!  Sound interested?  Stay awhile and read the Post!  Read more about it .:HERE:.

OMG! Room, Wow Skins @ Trift Shop, Collabor88, New Truth, Fresh Style, Siren Productions 24 Squared, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, and RealEvil @ The Jewelry Fair 2014!

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So much to talk about in Today’s Blog, that I don’t want to waste time!  Some things ending, some just beginning!  In my Post you will see finds from OMG! Room, Wow Skins at The Thrift Shop, Collabor88, New Truth, Fresh Style, Siren Productions 24 Squared, Feeb’s Rascal Street Sales Room, and RealEvil at The Jewelry Fair 2014!  All Details are .:HERE:.

Mute @ Rock Your Rack, OMG! Room, Fresh Style, New Morphine, and 24 Squared!



Hi All!  Here is another post where Lilliana has been wearing everything in Today’s Post since Sunday.  I have been trying to get this post together since then.  So now no more chit-chat, let’s get to the Post!

Lilliana is previewing Mute’s Rock Your Rack Exclusive, there’s more from OMG! Room and Fresh Style, Brand New Skin from Morphine and something more from 24 Squared! Original blog post .:HERE:..

Siren Productions 24 Squared, Fresh Style, OMG! Room and Arcade!

24 Squared 2_cropped 24 Squared 3hs_croppedNow that Siren Productions 24 Squared is open an in full swing in Today’s Post you will see most of the Designer Limited Exclusives from the Event. Remember 24 Squared is a Week long Event and will end on September 13th.  I also have previews from Rounds at Fresh Style, OMG! Room and the Arcade!  To get a more in dept look keep reading… Original Blog Post .:HERE:.

Fresh Style, OMG! Room, 24 Squared, New **Feel** and UberSL!

September 3 2014 Post #4_croppedSeptember 3 2014 Post #5hs_croppedToday I am keeping up with jumping on blogging Events that have either just started or start Tomorrow, Friday, September 5th.  There are so many fantastic New Sales Events on the Grid and I am bringing previews from two major ones, Fresh Style and OMG Sales Room.  Both have tons of your favorite Designers involved. I’m also bringing more previews from 24 Squared, all of these Open Tomorrow! More Details .:HERE:.

Designer Circle Round 87!



So what will you find in my Post for Today? Mostly the Designers from Designer Circle! The Designer Circle is on Round 87! I would almost best DC is the longest running Sales Event. The 87th Round just began this week, you have until August 13th to enjoy this current Round. I wanted to get a jump on my Sales Events, I feel like I have been slacking a bit:(…  There’s more over this way .:HERE:.

Siren Productions 24 Squared, Wow Skins @ Kings & Queens II Fair, and Collabor88!

Hair Day, Wow, JUMO, Lyrical, Latreia,Kiran Athena Post #2_cropped Hair Day, Wow, JUMO, Lyrical, Latreia,Kiran Athena Post #6hs_croppedLast Sunday I told you all about this little Event that would be starting this Friday, September 5th from Siren Productions! 24 Squared! This Sunday I bring you some previews from some of the Designers and their items from the Event.  One thing to remember about 24 Squared is that the Event only runs for 1 week, so it will end on September 13th.  That means only one week to pick up limited edition exclusive Menswear, Womenswear, Accessories, Skins, Hair, Make-up and more!  For more information, including a complete list of designers, calenders, and more please visit

Brand New Exclusive Wow Skin for Kings & Queens II Fair Event, which starts Today and some last minute poses from Collabor88…  More from Original Post found .:HERE:.