Be Happy In Sl’s Blog has now a Group in IW !!

Be Happy In Sl’s Blog has now a Group in IW !!

As my rl keeps me so busy , i don’t have time for my sl shop, so, i decide to do the group shop, as being Be Happy In Sl’s Blog group.

The manager for group  is  Alina Yven.  So please contact her if you want to get an application for designer/blogger/ event planner/ hunt organizer…. Tag or an invite to group.


The name of group is : Be Happy!

Enrollment : Free (for all)

Group : secondlife:///app/group/d249a9c4-5da0-4923-85a3-99427b3194a2/about

(copy paste IW the above link and join in Be Happy! Group)

Members : over 700


For any type of question in connection with Be Happy IW Group please contact  Alina Yven  through im.

* Plz don’t send note cards , ims or anything to me ( madalina Aeghin), i come very rarely in SL *

Thank you

madalina Aeghin

Eagle Eye

Originally posted on Harmony Sandalphon:

This glorious dress from M&M is available at the September round of Room 69!

Eagle Eye

It’s perfect for a night on the town, it even comes with a bracelet :) I attempted taking this picture whilst dancing, turned out alright I think!


Skin – Glam Affair ‘Katya’
Hair – Truth – Candy
Eyeliner – MONS ‘Black Eyeliner Series’
*Dress + Bracelet – M&M ‘Eagle Dress’ (Room 69)
Shoes – Praxis ‘The Diva’
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
Pose – VISTA Animations Dance from Essence Woman AO!

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Neko AO, Emoter, and Control For Free!

Neko AO, Emoter, and Control —  a present for all  Neko (female or male)  from Adi Cat Neko Store and Playground !

AO Control Box

It’s a Neko Animation Overider, well a couple actualy. By choosing load in the AO menu you may choose between male, female Neko with a cute paw lick animation, or female with no paw lick animation. the AO is Modifiable so you may add your own animations by editing the default note card. By selecting help you can read the full instructions on how to do this. To add animations or read the note cards select edit and the click the box on your edit window marked edit linked parts. then click the AO on and off button. This is where all the AO goodies are hidden. :) . It’s an Emoter. Contains several sexy and playful emotes to choose from for loads of fun and xcitement.Its a sound Player. Loaded with many different cat meows, growls, and purrs to play for your kittens. Hugss!