Evian and [Amarelo Manga] New Releases

The New Releases of Evian[Amarelo Manga] fit perfect to make you look like a movie star, Evian Alessio is the first skin of the brand that come with a full mesh head, totally customizable and matching perfect the normal skin and addons like beards. Hope you enjoy it guys.


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New Releases from [VM] Vero Modero & [Amarelo Manga]

Travelling around i landed at The Galerie Vittorio Emmanuele II at Milan reproduced faithfully at Egoisme,  a beautifull sim to enjoy and feel you are there in rl, more cheap than a airplane ticket ;), is a nice place to show you the New Releases of [VM] Vero Modero & [Amarelo Manga]
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Aericas Boutique @ Like Sales Room

Originally posted on Aericas Fashion Fix:

Hey everyone im just stopping in to show you a few things that i will have out at the first round of Like Sales Room everything at this event will be 85L or less and its bi weekly so make sure you get in there before the two weeks are up.. all my items include Boobies appliers and or Azz appliers i hope you enjoy them!

Corset Tops will be 65L Valentine Lace will be 85L

Like Sales Room

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