Re-blogged: All Hallows Eve ~ The Return of Ghosts of the Dead

One of my friends on Facebook updated her status as “I am decorating my home for Halloween, probably with low prims. Does anyone know where to get it at reasonable prices?”

The count down for Halloween has begun. In Second Life, there are a number of stores and sims gearing up to celebrate the occasion.  I have explored Second Life and and come up with a few places for you to visit and buy sculpts which are low prim and at reasonable prices. Please visit for more information.

Be Happy In Sl’s Blog has now a Group in IW !!

Be Happy In Sl’s Blog has now a Group in IW !!

As my rl keeps me so busy , i don’t have time for my sl shop, so, i decide to do the group shop, as being Be Happy In Sl’s Blog group.

The manager for group  is  Alina Yven.  So please contact her if you want to get an application for designer/blogger/ event planner/ hunt organizer…. Tag or an invite to group.


The name of group is : Be Happy!

Enrollment : Free (for all)

Group : secondlife:///app/group/d249a9c4-5da0-4923-85a3-99427b3194a2/about

(copy paste IW the above link and join in Be Happy! Group)

Members : over 700


For any type of question in connection with Be Happy IW Group please contact  Alina Yven  through im.

* Plz don’t send note cards , ims or anything to me ( madalina Aeghin), i come very rarely in SL *

Thank you

madalina Aeghin