~Nobody’s Gonna Love You Like I Do~

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OMG! Room, Fresh Style, WoW Skins @ Halloween Fair, and Eloquence Group Gift!


I love this time of year especially in Second Life there are so many Fabulous Themed Events coming up.  First Halloween then Christmas.  Before I get ahead of my self let’s talk Halloween, both OMG! Room and Fresh Style have current rounds with lots and lots of Halloween themed exclusives from some of SL’s best Designers.  OMG! Room even went over the top with redecorating the SIM in Halloween decor, definitely check that out!

Not only am I bringing more from both OMG! Room and Fresh Style, I have a pre pre-view of the Halloween Fair, which opens it’s doors later Today. I have WoW Skins Exclusive for the Halloween Fair.  Since Lilliana is one of the Exclusive Blogger for the United Fashion Fairs Group I will have lots more to show from the Halloween Fair next week and probably the week after.  United Fashion Fairs is the PR Company who is behind the scenes for the Halloween Fair!  So let’s get into what Lilliana is wearing Today!  Original blog post is .:HERE:.

Feel So Numb…./ DRD/ TAG/COLLABOR88/ Body Mod Expo





NEW RockCandy POST! TIME FOR HALLOWEEN…Check out these awesome designs from DRD in the Tag event and Collabor88…also this new release from Damselfly at The Body Mod Expo!!! Check its @http://rockcandykillsfashion.blogspot.com/2014/10/feel-so-numb-body-mod-expo.html


Far Behind../Body Mod Expo/Halloween Blackout/L’Atelier



RockCandy Post! New releases from D-Style, The Body Mod Expo, Halloween Blackout and new items at the L’Atelier event! Designs from [MANDALA], [Urban Wealth], D-Style, Exile, Holly Wierd, JCNY, L’Armoire, Slink, Speakeasy. Check its @http://rockcandykillsfashion.blogspot.com/2014/10/far-behindbody-mod-expohalloween.html


Don’t Tell’em / Body Mod Expo/ D-Style



RockCandy New Post! New exclusives @ The Body Mod Expo and D-Styles newest release!!! New Exile release! Designs from **RE**, [MANDALA], Aitui, BabyDoll., Reign, Tee*fy toos! Check it out @http://rockcandykillsfashion.blogspot.com/2014/10/dont-tellem-body-mod-expo-d-style.html