I’m No Angel Either

Ello Love Muffins <3

[Cynful] & Lil Lace have collaborated on the cutest lil fluffeh jackets for the upcoming Frost event. I adore these, they are so versatile, you can wear em with nothing underneath, or team with ya fave short sleeve/long sleeve tops or dresses. They come with a hud that controls the metal colour and turns fluffehness on or off, seriously these are way too cute.

I'm No Angel b

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I Can Only Be Me

Hey Pooks <3

More goodness from the current round of Bewbapalooza, this time we have sexy lil camo bodysuits by L!ke. These come in 3 girly camo colours and include appliers for Tango & Phat Azz \o/

I also forgot to show the back of the cute lil sockies when I wore ‘em the other day, so I’ve included a lil pic of that too, cos if you’re anything like me you will Lurves em <3

Camo Duo b


Sockies b


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Body Mod Expo ends on the 3rd as the Rockabilly Fashion fair begins..here’s some last minute sales at the BME and a sneak peak of D-Style at the Rockabilly!! Awesome designs – [Auxiliary], [MANDALA], [White~Widow], Adoness, Eclipse Jewerly, Izzie, Munique, Pekka, Pink Acid, Revanche, Slink! Click!