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News: SL Expected Downtime, Nov 7th, 7am SLT

Hi all!

I don’t normally post news on here, but since this is quite important news, I thought I’d share it with all the fashionistas (and fashionable men :)) of SL. Especially if you’re about to unpack no-copy items.

This is not the normal/usual downtime, but anyway this is scheduled for Thursday (Nov 7th) for an hour, beginning at 7am SLT.

Here’s a Time & Date Converter if you’re not sure when this will happen on your side of the world.

During this period, a number of Second Life services will be impacted. Some users may be logged off and may be temporarily unable to log in for a brief period. The maintenance may also disrupt transactions, logins, and account registration. The land store and land auctions may also become unavailable during this time.  

We recommend that users refrain from rezzing or transferring valuable (no-copy) objects or making any L$ or Marketplace transactions during this maintenance window.

Source: Second Life Blog, News Section