Camp on Forest

In Garden of Dreams is as freebie until July 10th the  Dream Scene – Toon Forest . This Scene consist in a skybox with 241 prims that is a camp on a forest, with 3 tents, bonfire and all that is common on a camp. On the tents you have poses for cuddle and sex, and on logs around the bon fire you have a selection of pose sits.


Skybox – Dream Scene – Toon Forest – Garden of Dreams

Poseballs HUD on A.G Studio

On A.G. Studio you all will find a Midnight Mania board with a poseball hud after 150 people click on board.  On that hud you can choose for some categories of animation, and after choose the desired animation will be rezzed some poseballs. With this you have the freedom to use the animations wich you like in any people where you can build.

pose hud_anywhere 18

HUD – X-Hud – Midnight Mania gift – A.G Studio

Gifts From PXL and Robbish

Pxl had put a skin on their subscribe o matic, to get you need to go on store, and do the picks on your profile, so you come after 24h to receive the Adam skin and the Wife-beater shirt. The Adam skin comes in 2 versions, one with Shave cream and other with a bandage after the shave. In both versions the skin have a tattoo, as seen on pictures.

If you go on Robbish you will see there a free underwear on a the barrel in the middle of the store, also in the store have a jeans pants as group gift.The offert is available for more 6 days!

male skinmale skin

male skin

Shirt – Wife Beater –  Subscribe o matic gift –  PXL

Skin – Adam – Subscribe o Matic gift – PXL

Underwear –  SheerUnderwear – Robbish

Group Gift from Belleza, Free Swimwear and Hair

Belleza had send today a new free skin on their group. The skin called Johan is a blonde haired good for all who use light color hairs, the only problem is that belleza group costs 250 L$ to go in.

In the Pictures are too the free hair from Find Ash, that comes in 3 colors and the swimwear is from MYA wich comes in 4 Colors

skin men_002

skin men_004

Skin – Belleza– Johan – Group Gift

Hair – Find Ash – Normal Hair [Royal Blond]

Swimwear – MYA – TMens Swimwear Red