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New out from RockCandy, Delirium Style! New outfits,great quality and out of this world style! Check out Kipp McKeenan and me as we take the town..Also some great designs from *BLITZED*, -=HeadShop=-, [MANDALA], Damned, DEER, Deliruim Style, Erratic, Fe Style, RAW HOUSE, SiniStyle, Wasabi Pills


*ZD*+~GOLA  Industry~+:+WTG+:+-UtopiaH-+Beusy:+/Wasabi Pills/+[SHOCK]+[HUIT] (Group Gift+Dollarbie+Hunt+Lucky Letter)*ZD*+~GOLA  Industry~+:+WTG+:+-UtopiaH-+Beusy:+/Wasabi Pills/+[SHOCK]+[HUIT] (Group Gift+Dollarbie+Hunt+Lucky Letter)

Cuerpo/Shape: ::[annaA]:: Skin ” Jamie ” berry -light- [BOX] (Stuff in Stock Discount Event)

Piel/Skin: [HUIT] R2 gift (GRATIS/FREE)

Cuernos/Antlers: -UtopiaH- Rare Antlers (Cacería Pink Fusion desde el 15 de Marzo al 15 de Abril y cada objeto tiene un costo de 5L$ / Pink Fusion Hunt From March 15 to April 15. 5L$ each object hunt) Pink Fusion Hunt #55

Ojos/Eyes: ::Modish:: Mesh L I V E -LilY- Eyes(M) (Cacería SYSP/SYSP Hunt)Publicado Anteriormente

Brillo Facial/Cheek Shiny: Miamai_LesMakeups_EasterColors (Regalo Mes de Abril en el Subscribo- Noticia #1 Mar 23,2013) FREE

Aretes/Earrings: +:+WTG+:+ **Easter Bunny** earpierces (Panel de la Suerte  / Lucky Letter)Debes usar el tag Grupo >AQUI< Costo de Inscripción 200L$ 

Chaqueta/Jacket: @STUFFinSTOCK~G O L A  Industry~ RollerBe (Stuff in Stock Discount Event)

Lenceria/Lingerie: *ZD*  Luisa Bra & Pantie in Grey (Dollarbie at Marketplace- 1L$ en el Marketplace)En color…

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