Wanted You More


Hellos everyone! Soooo found out some news today that…made me a very unhappy camper. Sooooooo I’m making cupcakes….and lots of em. Anyways, can’t forget all y’all who want some newness in your inventory. I’m bringing you three NEW items from Ducknipple. First up, we have Campi. This shirt comes in long AND short. Also, it comes with a color-changing HUD. Next we have the Mirna skirt. It also comes with a color-changing HUD and is uber adorable. I’ve blogged this skirt before but….I REALLY love it. Hahahaha. And last, but not least, from the almighty Ducknipple, we have their Zaar Boots. They also come with a color-changing HUD and fit like a glove. I’m alsooooooo using //elephante poses// Hope! You can find this at Acid Lily! Goooooooo gets it!

Wanted You More Close-Up

Wanted You More

“My heart was open, exposed and hoping
For you to lay it on the line
In the end it…

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Summer Daze (Endless Summer Hunt)

EndlessSummer1 EndlessSummer2


Mon Cheri, R&B, A&A, Duh!, Hogs and Cartwheels, Sakide, Phoebe, Endless Pain, Hebenon Vial, Collisions, Scrub and Elephante Poses for Endless Summer Hunt.

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