“Wassup girl, don’t mean to interrupt But in the city I done met a lot of women But you from my dreams, ay will you come true?”


“This is the girl of my dreams, yeah
Ay, is she good as what she seems?
Uh, or am I lying to myself?
Uh, ay should I try and get some help?
Yeah, this is the girl of my dreams”

– Dreams ~ J.Cole

[TUNE]Haiii Thar! I sorta have a new look going. I saw my sister go anime so, monkey see monkey do and a friend of mine said, we Female Avatars all looked alike so, I’m protesting.. -FACE-  So here I go starting to rock it and show it off.

Anyways, Enough of my ranting lolol R3volt has several new things out but I am really rocking this skirt so I had to show you guys ❤ Cuppy

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