My Second Life Bucket List Challenge

Bucket List

This week’s meme from Strawberry Singh is My Second Life Bucket List Challenge.

Meme Instructions: Share at least 5 items on your Second Life Bucket List and try and complete one of the items on the list this week.

I have done a lot in SL, different types of role play, work, go to shows and clubs. I’m not interested in owning or creating. To be honest, I lost interest in SL, except for blogging.

1. Create a picture that I am completely happy with
I agree, we are our own worst critic!

2. Have a popular blog
One reason I blog is because I enjoy people reading it. I keep track of my blog’s traffic and it keeps me motivated to blog.

3. Have 1,000,000,000 page views

4. Improve my picture editing skills
I’m like someone who wants to compete in a sport but too lazy to do it lol. I don’t have the patience to spend a lot of time working on pictures. I have much more fun finding free or discounted items and putting them together in an outfit.

5. Get a SL dog

Credits at SL Freebie Addiction.