Carnivals, Fairs & Ferris Wheels

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It’s that time of year when summer is still pretty much in full swing yet it’s also beginning to wind down. Television and newspapers are filled with ads for ‘Back to School’ shopping and everyone is trying to squeeze their summer vacations and activities in the final few weeks before school reopens. Before it ends, however, there are numerous festivals, carnivals and state fairs still to be enjoyed. Our New York State Fair starts in 2 weeks so it got me in the mood for this post and for evoking the good times and fun to be had both at the Fair and in fashion!

p.s. I just love ferris wheels!



D E T A I L S:
(Note: Some of these items were found at Collabor88, SL FashionWeek, Arcade Gacha, Stuff In Stock and they may not be available anymore)
Top: Tres Beau “Polka Spot” Black
Pants: LavandaChic*Capri…

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