Ariskea @ The Black Fair 2013

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While I don’t normally need an excuse to blog a design from Ariskea, along comes the very first Event that Ariskea is participating in so I wanted to make sure I not only blogged about it but I wanted to be sure I did so before the event actually begins. Eureka!!!! I made it. Whew. The Black Fair 2013 opens its doors on Friday, August 9thwith close to 100 vendors participating.

So what exactly is this Fair all about? It’s actually pretty simple.  In a nutshell, designers basically were to be inspired by the color black.  Here is the description I found on The Black Fair Website: “Event theme: It is a fair inspired in the Black Color, black glamorous, chic, sexy or casual. Only black color or black combined with other colors. Different forms, style and design. Use your imagination, and show the black style of your store.”

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