So Cute! Gimmie, Gimmie!!

Precious Vicious

DRBCDrusilla Dress {Part of the Sweet Tart Collection} w/Appliers included} by: DRBC !!New Release!!

PurseChandra Knuckles Clutch {Showing Black} by: PICHI @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Miami Bracelts {Unsexi} by: MM5 Rock! @ Reef’s Colors Fair {Reef’s Fair Gifty}

LavandaLady Octopus Jumpsuit by: LavandaChic @ Reef’s Colors Fair


PurpleBethany Dress by: Something Sexy @ Reef’s Colors Fair

Chandra Knuckles Clutch {Showing Fuchsia}by: PICHI @ Reef’s Colors Fair


This & That:

Skin by: Essences ~ Whisper {Forgive me 01}

Mesh Hands by: Slink ~ Elegant

Lashes by: Redgrave ~ Elemental

Eyes by: SongBird ~ Big Bang {Purple}

Red Lace Shirt by: Rotten Defiance

Faun Face by: Half-Deer

Earrings by: HollyWeird ~ Cinder Bitch

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