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This outfit is not new but I must have missed it when I last visited MichaMi. I had a few moments the other day and tp’d there to see what designs, if any, were new. Alas, there wasn’t anything new but I still fell in love with this skirt and cropped top. I thought that maybe if I did a post and a few people saw it and decided to visit MichaMi then designer, Milla Michinaga, might be nudged into creating some new designs. Let’s give it a try okay?


D E T A I L S:
Top: MichaMi: Fonda Cropped Top in Brown Stripes
Skirt: MichaMi: Fonda Suede Skirt in Brown
Bracelet: LaGyo_Axila bangle
Earring: LaGyo_Luz earring SMALL Gold
Belt: LaGyo_Rope belt Seashell
Shoes: Slink Lulu Addon Chocolate
Hair: TRUTH HAIR Colbie [Unrigged]
Pose: WetCat The 24 Plan Pose – Unisex 2 @The 24

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Serious Killer ~ Horror Haute

Precious Vicious

It’s that time gals and ghouls. Time for the insanest week of the month, Horror Haute! And you’ll be feelin the bloodlust when you take a look at what the fabulous Horror Haute Creators have made for you this round. Remember to get on down to these twisted stores early during the event, so you can get the special round items at an introductory price!

HHCome drag your bloody ass down and get this twisted and gore splattered sexy “White Latex Dress” {Includes full blood splatter body tattoo} by: Tasty Pudding. There’s also a pink version!

HH1You’ll wanna get your evil little hands on this Creepy Cameo Corset Dress by: Skindustrial Bodywerks

HH2They just don’t make human hearts the way they used too…. Mores the Pity. “Love Me Mesh Top” by: Czarny Kanarek

HH3Spare parts?…What?!! The better to grab you with, My Dears… “Call of Cthulhu” Gown {Includes…

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