Girl You’re My Angel, You’re My Darling Angel

Luff ♥

Hey Luffs!  So one thing you’ve got to know about me is that I am a huge book worm.  I love to read!  It’s actually an addiction.  If I get hooked on a series, my friends know they won’t see me for a couple of days!  It’s that intense.  I love supernatural books the most because I’m a huge dork.  Right now, I’m on an angel/fallen angel kick.  I just finished “The Premonition Series” by Amy A. Bartol.  There’s 4 books in the series so far, a 5th one is due to come out soon (omg I’m dying!)  It is SOOOO good and I’m having a total book hangover right now while waiting for the 5th one to come out!  The story centers around Evie Claremont.  It begins with her finding out that she’s an angel of sorts and then progresses into her dangerous encounters along the way.  Of course…

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