Won’t be long till summertime is through…

Horror Hood


Hey everyone! Before I start my madness, I’d like to acknowledged the fact I have a summer outfit in fall scenery. THAT is how much I wan’t fall to begin. So, when I got my hands on the items I’m about to tell you about, I kinda couldn’t wait to put them together. To begin with, let me tell you about how much I love Shaedybizness’ new  cabin. IT’S SO PERFECT for falll. Beautiful,beautiful pixels, thank you for being mine. Also, JoHaDeZ has this amazing bench at The Kollective that comes with couples or singles poses! My  favorite obviously had to be included in the picture.  Grumble, also has a new hunt item out there for y’all, and it’s this rustic wagon that just scream out “FALL!” to me, so of course I had to show it to you guys. Can you guys tell I’m a little fall obsessed?FALLLLLLL!!!!

Home Pixels: 

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