Support SL Stores – Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Support SL Stores - Mental Health Awareness Retreat

Donate To Your Favorite Store

If there is an act of kindness you would like to do, I encourage you to donate to your favorite store, especially to stores that participate in hunts and give out freebies. Those are the stores that give back to the community and think of those who can’t afford to buy things in SL.
You can donate to their tip jar or purchase an item.
For many business owners in SL…. continue reading HERE and find out what I’m wearing from  [AB] @ She & Him

On A Toxic High

Harmony Sandalphon

This uber cute outfit from ToXiC HiGh is available at PURE Sales Room 🙂

On a Toxic High

You get the top, skirt and legging – all mesh, all a great fit and all fabulous!

This hair is SO much cute and is a new release from Tameless :D! I’m also wearing the Ingrid skin from .Birdy. which is available at The Chapter Four!

Skin – .Birdy. Skins ‘Ingrid’ (TCF)
Eyeliner – .Birdy. Skins ‘VIP {Eyeliner} (Group Gift)
*Hair – Tameless ‘Pippa’
*Outfit – ToXiC HiGh ‘Black leggings/black skirt and Hannah Banana moustache top’ (PURE Sales Room)
Shoes – Lethal Couture ‘AMEN Distress Bootie’ (Group Gift)
Hands – Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands
*Pose – – Quintessencia – ‘Pose Bailey – Model Pose’ (PURE Sales Room)

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No° 45 – Peter took me to another Neverland

neverlandblнello мy deαrѕ,
ѕιɴce ι ɢoт α вαd ғlυ ι’м α вιт ѕlow wιтн poѕтιɴɢ.
yeѕтerdαy α reαl ɢood ғrιeɴd oғ мιɴe тooĸ мe тo тeмpυrα ιѕlαɴd..
ι нαd тoтαlly ғorɢoттeɴ нow вeαυтιғυl тнιѕ plαce ιѕ, ѕo ι тooĸ тнe тιмe тo мαĸe тнe pнoтoѕ ғor мy poѕт тнere. ѕo нere ι αм нope yoυ lιĸe :*


ѕнαpe – мy owɴ ^,^
ѕĸιɴ – .вιrdy. – ιɴɢrιd ѕĸιɴ ~pυre~ ғroѕт – ɴew @ тнe cнαpтer ғoυr
нαιr – [ love ѕoυl ] – нαιr+cαp*084*αυвυrɴ
eyeѕ – {d.α} – ѕнαттered – plαɴeт
eyelιɴer – -ɢlαм αғғαιr- – coυтυre eyelιɴer ɴo ɴo.0З
lαѕнeѕ – мɢ – eyelαѕнeѕ – wιld ғυll тнιcĸ – вlαcĸ

opeɴ мoυтн – ιllмαтιc – :: тнe perғecт тeeтн – ɢold
ɢloveѕ wιтн нαɴdѕ – .ѕнι – : ғιɴɢerleѕѕ ɢlove [ғeмαle]ѕeт З – ɴew @ тнe αrcαde
вooвѕ – lolαѕ – ::: тαɴɢo ::: мeѕн вreαѕтѕ (veɴdor)

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