AVENUE A/W Fashion Week 2013 – Artizana Duguje

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What a lovely surprise when Dainie Fraina, of Artizana, sent me this gorgeous ensemble to blog for the upcoming AVENUE’s A/W Fashion Week 2013.  The skirt and top fit great and looks great too so I couldn’t help slipping off my shoes and dancing around the room.  When it becomes available for sale ALL you ladies need to gobble it up for yourselves too!

*** The fashion show for Artizana is scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd at 6p slt. ***

The Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion Week runs September 29 – Oct 5

Join the Avenue Magazine Readers group in-world to keep informed on show schedules:

OR Visit AVENUE’s website http://www.avenuesl.com


D E T A I L S:
Dress & Brooch: :: ARTIZANA :: DUGUJE (iceis) ::
Hair: –LaViere– Reverie
Feet: Slink Mesh Feet
Head Jewels: ZC : Suvarna kundan
Pose: DeePosed

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No°58 – Luv my booty

нello мy deαrѕ ^^
тнιѕ oɴe ιѕ α reαl ғαѕт poѕт ғor тodαy, cυz ι’м ѕo вυѕy ιɴ тнe lαѕт dαyѕ *ѕιɢнѕ*
вυт ι proмιѕe тнe ɴeхт oɴe wιll вe ιɴ мy wαy тo вloɢ.
ѕo leт мe ѕee ι нαve ѕoмe ɢeorɢoυѕ ɴewѕ ғür αll yoυ вooтyloverѕ.
rυɴαwαy releαѕed ѕoмe reαl cυтe ɴew ιтeмѕ ғor тнe pнαтαzz, тнere αre ѕoмe ɴew тαттooѕ ғor тнe leɢ/нιp oυт тнere ɴow αααɴd тнoѕe reαl нoт υɴdιeѕ *~*

ѕo rυɴ over αɴd ɢeт ιт. <З

love my undies

ѕнαpe – мy owɴ ^,^
вooвѕ – lolαѕ ::: тαɴɢo ::: мeѕн вreαѕтѕ
eαrѕ – +pe+ ѕιreɴѕ eαrѕ нαlғ нeαrтed
lowerвody – *l.ιɴc* pнαт αzz
ѕмαl нorɴѕ – -υтopιαн- мy devιlιѕн нorɴѕ [ιɴ вlαcĸ]
вιɢ нorɴѕ – -υтopιαн- мy wιcĸed нorɴѕ вlαcĸ
тαιl – *l.ιɴc* тнe тαιl ғαde тo вlαcĸ
нooveѕ – *epιc* ɴeo-тreĸĸer’ѕ ғooт ɢeαr {dιɢι verѕιoɴ} [veɴdor]
нαɴdѕ wιтн ɢloveѕ – .ѕнι : ғιɴɢerleѕѕ ɢlove [ғeмαle]ѕeт…

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