AVENUE A/W Fashion Week 2013 – MEB

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I’ll tell you all a little secret about me and MEB.  I remember the very first time in SL that I saw a girl wearing an MEB outfit about 3 years ago.  I also remember thinking “WOW”, since I had never seen anything that classy chic since I begain playing around in SL.  When I stood in the MEB store it was then that I decided to try my hand at SL modeling so in order for me to feel I’ve come full circle will be the day that I’m in an MEB Fashion Show.  Until then, having had MEB’s CEO, Melusina Parkin, hand me outfits to blog for AVENUE’s A/W Fashion Week 2013 will definitely suffice.  Woot!

*** The fashion show for MEB is scheduled for Thursday, October 3rd at 12 Noon slt. ***

The Avenue Autumn/Winter Fashion Week runs September 29 – Oct 5.


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