AVENUE A/W Fashion Week 2013 – Living Imagination

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When Bodza Mubble sent me review copies of her Living Imagination designs to blog for AVENUE‘s upcomingAutumn/Fall Fashion Week 2013, she messaged me and told me she hoped that I liked them.  Well, Bodza, yes I do like them and I wish I had the time to blog them all.  I hope YOU like how I visualized your design in my blog.  Best of luck with your AVENUE Fashion show and with your future designs!

*** The fashion show for Living Imagination is scheduled for Sunday, September 29th at 12 Noon slt. ***

The AVENUE Autumn/Winter Fashion Week runs September 29 – Oct 5.

Join the AVENUE Magazine Readers group in-world to keep informed on show schedules:

OR Visit AVENUE’s website http://www.avenuesl.com


D E T A I L S:
Dress/Corset: *LI* Forgotten Dreams
Stockings: No.9 Nylons Shiny Pantyhose II *black50*
Lips: blackLiquid MAKEUP –…

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