A Touch of Pink

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A Touch of Pink

Another look from a few different events (there are so many with such gorgeous items that are irresistible at the moment).

I’ve raided my bloggers folder of items from the Soho Market for my nails by ..Ruthless.. the top which is by Pure Perfection and the earrings from [7891.]. The top comes in two different styles and I am wearing the uber cute hearts version. A good casual style that looks great with jeans.

My skin is by Fake for the United Fashion Project. I’ve never visited this event before but there was lots of lovely things to buy and love and adore!!! I also haven’t really worn Fake skins very much before but was really pleased. The skin comes with eyebrows and six different styles of the skin in the pack including make up and no eyebrows that I bought. I’m wearing the make up version with brunette eyebrows…

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