Oct. 6 Gorean Day



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Oct. 6 Gorean Day

Mikey w wingers3

hair -[burley]_kyle_black
boots- the fallen – ;legend
lower and upper arms -dpd rebel  arms
belt =dpd abdomen belt
helmet =dpd vaisage adavanced= fantasy gacha
weapon harness 1= dpd harness dark grey
shoulder bracers and fur= pfc the hunter – yeti rare
sword- lR kronos
ears = plug streched = mandala
kilt – snatched rarius skirt
pants- snatched assasins pants
leg dagger = snatched
face piercing – .pekka  canion unisex piercing
gloves.shi rare  fingerless gloves.
wings’ ascent warrior wings naturual no 2 – fantasy gacha
shield [sg] king’s shield epic
flag [sg]  king’s flag epic
belt- [kd] kings guard
chest armor 2- [kd] kings guard
sword 2 [kd] kings guard
tattoo – tattoo loyal truth – mens department

Northern Mel

Hair: Analog Dog Hair fix (queue.marlowe)
Top: *May’s Soul* Celtic body brown (may.tolsen)
Corset: Plastik – Anasaze Corset [S]:// Reptilian (aikea.rieko)
Pants: :FANATIK: Printed leggings Snake (funatik.resident)
Boots: Treads

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