Doing It In JK Style

Harmony Sandalphon

If you’ve never heard of ::JK Style:: then boy are you missing out! This store consistently brings out high quality products and often features and multiple sales events! Below are some of the gorgeous releases you can get your hands on right now, with some goodies from the Candy Fair thrown in, enjoy :)!

Doing It In JK Style

*Outfit – ::JK Style:: ‘Rhonda’ (PURE Sales Room)
*Pose – *[Starry Heaven]* ‘Kia 5’ (Candy Fair)

*Outfit – ::JK Style:: ‘Liz’ (PURE Sales Room)
*Shoes – ::JK Style:: ‘Randi Boots Chocolate’
*Pose – *[Starry Heaven]* ‘Mayumi 2’ (Candy Fair)

*Dress – ::JK Style:: ‘Daizy’
*Shoes – ::JK Style:: ‘Randi Boots Navy’
*Pose – *[Starry Heaven]* ‘Mayumi 5’ (Candy Fair)

*Dress – ::JK Style::
*Shoes – ::JK Style:: ‘Randi Boots Purple’
*Pose – *[Starry Heaven]* ‘Mayumi 3’ (Candy Fair)

Skin –…

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No° 74 – Goth Chic

Goth-ChiquesmlHello Peeps ^^
me again and this time i brought my suger with me ^,^
In fact with this poste i have a question to you and i hope that some will take their time to help me out.
Did you see this beautiful Gothlook Skin? I think so there is no way to see her not.
The super talented Designer is not sure if she would release her or not, but she was so kind to hand it to me an my hun and i decided that we would make a post with it and ask other fashionistas out there what they think about it.
So please take your time and write me a comment if you wish that she be released or not. You can make this here on the blog, on flickr or if you want just contact me in SL.
It would be nice if i…

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