Body Mod Expo + DRD – The Monster You Made Me



Body Modification Expo (BME) opens today!!!! Heres a sneak peak at some of the awesome items I loves so far..from :{F.A.D}:,Duck Nipple, Endless Pain, Nani, Tameless, and {dollle*} jus to start!! Also a new release from DRD, ::GB: and ^;^CaTwA^;^!!

Liv Glam Deals of the Week

10:10:13- 49L (Sec Wed)- Lov How it Hurts Hud 1

Spotlight on glamorous fashion for bargain prices, more info HERE! 

Its A Lil Nippy Out

Ellooooo Monkehs!

We have had The Boobies Show for a while now – in fact its just celebrated its birthday – and now we have The Phat Azz Show \o/
It opens on 12th Oct and I’m so looking forward to this, Ill be there braving the lag with my full body alpha on opening day 😀
But until then, here is a sneak peek at Bishes Inc release for the event.  These come in 18 (!) colours and include system clothing layers, but meh, wheres the fun in those right?

A Lil Nippy -b


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