Helloooooo Loves!

Well Monday is here again, and here has been pouring with rain, and completely miserable, but rather than be down about it, I’ll choose to think of it as an excuse to jump into my jammies, have a hot chocolate, and spend the evening in SL, where it never rains (unless you want it to!)  😀

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Mischief b

The Body Mod Expo…We Cant Stop n We Won’t Stop!



BODY MOD EXPO..NERDMONKEY, DEER, L&B, POSE+IVITY,-SU-, PIXEL INC AND 1 Hundred..all in the expo!!! Also designs from Beautiful Deluxe, Exile, Al vulo, Moda,RYCA…jus to name a few!! Heres ur linkhttp://www.rockcandykillsfashion.com/2013/10/the-body-mod-expowe-cant-stop-n-we-wont.html