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As you have probably seen across the grid and blog posts ^;^ CaTwA ^;^ has released a new avatar which is a dead ringer for Jessica from Who Framed Roger Rabbit. I can remember watching that film when I was younger and I think you never can forget just what Jessica looked like!

I haven’t bought the AV yet but I couldn’t resist the gorgeous hair that accomapnies it and that I am wearing in my pictures below. I wish my hair which is naturally curly (aka a frizz ball) looked like this but sadly it won’t without some kind of intervention so I shall just have to wear my Jessica hair and look glam in SL instead.

Jessica Crop

I blogged the Runa skin by [the Skinnery] yesterday and have hardly taken the skin off because it looks so perfect with my shape. I decided to intensify the lipstick and go…

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