Questions About Linden Lab’s TOS: Should I Stay Or Should I Go?

My thoughts on the recent ToS changes and a one day sale!

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This week, Strawberry Singh hasn’t really created a meme (in her words). Instead, she wants our views on the recent change to the Linden Labs TOS for Second Life users. This is one of the biggest controversies I have been aware of during my five year tenure in SL. And while I am not a creator, the change to the TOS has opened my eyes.

Instead of a list of instructions, Berry has just asked that we answer her questions, either in a blog post or in the comments of her post. She has linked to quite a few resources about the changes, so if you are unaware of what has changed, hop over to her blog and hit the links.

I admit that, while I am not a creator in Second Life, these updates have given me pause to think. Enough to consider leaving Second Life? No. But…

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