Dirty Doings At Deadpool

Zombies, zombies, everywhere!

Pics by Peep

1 Deadpool 7

I’ve seen a lot of photos of the Deadpool sim so I headed over for a quiet Sunday afternoon stroll. What I didn’t notice in the pictures was that the place is infested with zombies!

Just when I escape that ugly, smelly, uncouth dude and head for a bit of sustenance à la the popcorn cart, what pops up?

1 Deadpool 13

Holy unwashed undead! Would somebody toss me a sawed-off shotgun, or at least a bottle of Febreeze?

1 Deadpool 21

Maybe I can get out of here, if I can just make it into the cockpit…

1 Deadpool 24

How did I end up here?? I’m getting sick of this place. Cobwebs in my hair, scuffed the toe of my boot and I’ve begun to perspire. This will never do!

1 Deadpool 14

Don’t even think about it, big boy! Your mates broke the three cardinal rules: don’t touch the hair, don’t mess with the boots and never make a…

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