56: The Sam & Pushy Show

The Queen of Pretzels

Alright so I may be entirely biased with this one. After all it is my very own space. Well by very own space I mean that I personally decorated it, the entire thing… well minus Lux’s chair that is. But her chair is allowed. I welcome you to The Sam & Pushy Show. Samaii is my oldest friend on SL (And I don’t mean age even though she is pretty darn old) and we always share land. But Samaii and I are weird. From time to time we like our own spaces, houses for just us, but most of the time we like community spaces. Where we invite our friends and random people to come hang out. We love to talk and are slightly odd so we love it when people come to visit us and invade our private space. Though if you are some random person we dont…

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L. A Woman

nero1 nero2




shape: rir Maribel shape
Skin: ( r )M ~ (Skin) Tan ~ No.11 ~ (1)ROT
hair:.:EMO-tions:. * PHILLIPA *
necklace: .:EMO-tions:. *FLAIR * necklace
Outfit: The Black Widow*A-H