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You Know It

I’m still adjusting to working RL so finding the evenings quite tiring, also I had to get up at 4.30am this morning so starting to feel the tiredness creep in which means this post will be quite short but sweet.

My Jumper is by TOMGA for the current round of the Soho Market. It comes in nine different colours and is a gacha item. I love the cuteness of the sweater and the texture is really realistic looking just like its been hand knitted.

My tattoo is by SOURIRES Tattoos for the new round of Perfect Wardrobe which is/has about to open. This round is Designer’s Choice so your going to find lots of awesome items from the designers. I wore it with my *Boom* lingerie from TDR Fusion as the lingeries super super cute but also shows of the tattoo nicely.


My jeans are by – Quintessencia – for…

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