My Impulsive Wifey

Brand new dresses from IMPULSE by Cyn! And she named this one after me 🙂

Pics by Peep

1 Impulse Peep_014

My Wifey, Cyn, surprised me yesterday. She messaged me to see how I was doing (I’ve been fighting a virus for a week) and then told me she had something for me. Of course, that perked me up because I love pressies! I’ve mentioned before that Cyn is a designer in Second Life, so when she dropped a new dress on my head I was excited. And then I saw the name – PEEPS PINK – and I totally SQUEEEEED!

As she wrote on her IMPULSE by Cyn Facebook page:

I’ve been told before I need to do more colors and get away from black. but I love black!! Still I’ve tried to do more colors. My wifey (Peeps) says more PINK!! Wifey likes flowers too.. So I’m making this dress and its got PEEPS written all over it.. done in flowers and pastels… including PINK!! So…. I named…

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