Fighting The Winter Blues

It’s true – in Second Life you can dress for any season!

Pics by Peep

1 Wide Brim_029

Don’t get me wrong – I like winter. I like it better than summer, especially now that I live in Australia. But when you live on the opposite side of the world from the majority of SL content creators, it can cause a bit of a seasonal confusion.

As we are well into spring and heading into summer here in the Antipodes, I find myself suffering the same problem I have every year I have resided in SL. As I am in the mood for springy colours and summery sundresses and shorts, SL is either adorned in autumn hues or wintery sweaters and mittens. It does cause me a bit of consternation. It is probably silly, but I get overheated looking at my avatar dressed in woolens when it is a sweltering 35 degrees C (95 degrees F) outside!

I finally made it in to Collabor88 yesterday, and while I…

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