Are you a “Nasty Bitch”?

FB - Nasty Bitch - Black Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch -Orchid  Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Pink Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Blue Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Red Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Dull Pink Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Tangerine Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Mauve  Leather Crop Jacket FB - Nasty Bitch - Green Leather Crop Jacket


These Sexy Crop Leather Jackets will be available Inwolrd within 72 Hours or less, check back often so you can get yours! They will also eventually appear on Marketplace. For Gifting Please contact me, I will aid in the gifting until each one is live on Marketplace then you will have the option to gift  them there. Please know that I will also release these in a fatpack, inwolrd and on Marketplace very soon!

Breast Cancer Awareness Gift From Forbidden Butterfly!

This is not sponsored by a charity of any kind. I made this and put it on Marketplace for $1L, it’s our gift to each and every woman on this planet. I know this will sound strangely however if you think I’m crazy Google this, fellas just because you have man-boobs doesn’t exclude you from breast cancer, men also get breast cancer! So make sure your girlfriends, mothers, sisters, daughters and wives do get this in support of saving everyone’s tata’s because we love your man-boobs just as you love our boobs!

Breast cancer jacket - October

Rule Britannia

Ello Loves!

There is a brand new booby hunt beginning soon (Nov 23rd)  featuring only British Designers (Yay!) called the Brit Tits Hunt! There are some wicked goodies to be found, some of which are British Themed, some not, but all very cute! All prizes include appliers, and you can read more about the hunt including hints on the  Big Boobie Babes website.

Rule Britannia -bRead More 

Forbidden Butterfly’s Jessie Outfit available At Fashion Nights Event NOW

You can find this at the Fashion Nights Event Inwolrd. Go to the Forbidden Butterfly location and go to the left verses the right…The Right will take you to the Forbidden Butterfly Boutique and if you go Left, you will end up at the Fashion Nights Event. Along with  Forbidden Butterfly there are designers coming in to participate, if you area designer and would like to participate, its easy. Purchase the vendor for indicated price, leave the vendor on the wall add your contents and set the price BELOW $500L’s. There is a infokit inside near the scriber, pick yours up and read about it then complete process if your interested…Then Spam like mad!


FB - Jessie Outfit (2)