The Summer In December Challenge

It’s Blogger Challenge time! Find those bikinis or shorts and thongs and share your Summer in December 🙂 More details inside…

Pics by Peep

Bikini Challenge_016J

A while back, I lamented the fact that I have been feeling seasonally confused. Living in Australia, winter and summer are flipped from the seasons in the northern hemisphere, so when the woolens come out in Second Life, I’m ready to pull out the shorts, tank tops and thongs. My blogger mate, Wendz, is in the same situation since she lives in is from the land of luaus and hula skirts. She and I went back and forth on the subject in posts and comments and a challenge sprung from the BBQ briquettes!

So, here is the challenge:

Take a photo (or several) of a reminder of summer in December. Whether that is the season you experience or it is but a distant memory, show us what summer is like to you in December. Tell a story or just post the pics – it’s entirely up to you…

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