Quick As A Snail

An amazing location and a fabulous dress await you. Peek inside for the details!

Pics by Peep

Vivid Vivacity

That’s how I feel, having been up since 5am. While I’m normally an early riser, that is extra early for me. Even my cat was wondering why the lights were on at that hour. So I need to get moving on this post before I succumb to a nana nap at mid-morning!

I have seen a lot of photos of The Sleepy Snail at Metales on Flickr and other blogs and decided to venture over for a look-see. I really never thought snails could be beautiful, but this location is lovely, serene and haunting. I found myself playing with WindLight to discover the brilliance of the sim, especially the reflections from the bejeweled snails and the ethereal play of light on the filament and filigree surrounding them. I hopped on the back of this mid-sized fellow to show off this new dress from .::Vivid::. for the current round at Designer…

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