Hello 2014

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So 2014 is here, I hope you had a brilliant NYE and are not feeling too sore on New Years Day! I have been to the shop and bought my hangover solution – Coca Cola, a Mars Bar and some salty crisps, works every time!

Hello 2014

Have you made any New Years Resolutions? I haven’t made a conscious decision for any but am thinking I really want to blog more regulalry, I forget how much I enjoy it when i have a break and then love it all over again so I will try and be a better blogger this year I think.

I put today’s outfit on yesterday and when I logged back in today I still loved it so had to blog it.

I love the coat especially which is by (Elate!) at the current round of the Arcade Gacha. It came in a colour block version as well…

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