“Elastic Heart.”


So Collabor88 opened and it’s one of the best rounds I’ve witnessed so far.  In particular, I wanted to show the dress made by Juno Mantel of Junbug, who is a feature designer in this round.  I know it’s been blogged a ton of times already, but this dress and fur wrap is totally deserved of attention garnered.  I can safely say, there is not a dress I’ve ever seen that hugs the body better than this one and the shading around the booty is sublime.  Then there’s the fur wrap which is rigged so well.  I could rant about this gown and wrap over and over, but it’s easier to go direct to Collabor88 and grab them for yourself.

x Imo







Hands SLink Mesh hands elegant S L&R (av enhance)
Feet SLink Mesh bare feet medium (av enhance)
Teeth PXL Open Mouth PRO teeth…

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