New Releases… Glowing in Zuri Antique Pearls and Azul MVW Gowns…..

zuri gown green 1

Zuri and Azul and Mr. X… it’s the New Year and time to be spoiled….Mr. X left me two boxes… isn’t he just amazing!

A glamorous peridot and pearl necklace beautifully crafted by Zuri is a perfect compliment for the MVW dress called “Anjelica MVW” worn by my dear friend Anjelica Carling, the reigning MVW who is beautiful – in all ways…inside and out.  I had the pleasure to interview her in the hot off the presses SL Fierce Magazine…. – don’t miss this interview. This dress is perfect in all ways… it is sleek and slender…a shimmering delight… you will feel like MVW wearing it !

zuri citrine

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