Shabby Chic Heaven

It’s Home & Garden Heaven at The Collage!

Pics by Peep

1 The Collage crop

Anyone who has visited my home in Second Life knows that I have a major love affair going on with Shabby Chic. While I can appreciate the sleek lines of Modern design or the museum-quality of the Victorian style, for instance, Shabby Chic just speaks to me as what a home should be: warm, comfortable and inviting. Muted tones, deep, squishy cushions, lots of pretty tchotchkes, begging to be touched…yes, this is my home-heaven.

This month’s theme at The Collage is obviously inspired by the upcoming Valentine’s Day and that is the perfect holiday to inspire Shabby Chic creations. I guess it comes as no surprise that every piece of furniture and knick-knack in my photo came from The Collage then, does it? So yes, I went a little nuts picking up my S/C treasures…and I’m not going to apologise!

The furniture set comes from Sway’s, a long-established favourite…

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