More Shabby Shininess

More goodies from The Collage and a fabulous Shabby Chic designer!

Pics by Peep

1 Spargel & Shine Annie 1

As I mentioned yesterday, I have more to show you from my visit to The Collage. I know, I know, I’ve been showing enough beds lately to open my own hotel, but I just couldn’t resist this one from Spargel & Shine! It, along with the matching dresser just had my Shabby Chic senses tingling with delight.

You see, both the bed and the dresser come “naked.” But with a click of a few buttons on their menus you can dress them up in all sorts of ways. The bed can be unmade (just the mattress showing) or you can have the patchwork quilt messy (including a messy version for sleeping under), or you can have it made – with or without the tea service tray showing. There are several options to choose from and I had fun playing with it for various looks. Important note: make…

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