If the Apocalypse comes, beep us :)


Hey everyone as we know there are many events going on. I already feel it in my pocket lol so i got some nice goodies for you. First we got a sexy strappy top fromBabydoll. We also got awsome looking Cuffs and chains from .ARISE. Thats not all she also made a nice lipstick u can get a sexy valentine look and some cool shorts to put the cherry on the pie 🙂 With this said I also want to thank my beautiful friend Neda Andel for posing with me 🙂 ❤

if the apocalypse comes beep us

Shape: My own

Skin: -Glam Affair – Mokatana – Jamaica 01

Lips: .ARISE. Glossy Lips / Red @ With Love Fair

Hair: *Milk* Hair~ This Natural Santana *Blondes* @ The Big Show

Cuff: .ARISE. Cuff Bracelet @ Fi*Friday

Top: BabyDoll. Strappy Top / Black @ With Love Fair

Belly Chain: .ARISE. Booty Chain / Black @ The…

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Better Things To Do

Gorgeous gacha stuffs to be had at L’accessoires this month! I’m showing off just a few, but there are lots of goodies. Click into my post for a ride to this lovely event.

Pics by Peep

1 L'accessorie_013 N

Yesterday was the 8th of the month, and I’m sure for 49,127 of the 49,233 people that were online when I logged in, that meant trying to get into Collabor88. Yes, I was one of them, but I only tried once (and failed) and only after I had paid a visit to L’accessoires. My dear friend, Cao, has been teasing us with highlights of goodies from this event all week, so it was my first stop of the day.

This month, it is themed “Timeless Romance,” and it is a gacha event this time around. It is easy to navigate and the crowd was small, so I had no issues with rezzing or lag. What a breath of fresh air for a shopping experience!

And yes, I got the goods – lots of em! In addition to Cao’s blog, I had perused the offerings over on Seraphim, so…

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How to be a Heartbreaker

Horror Hood

How to be a HeartbreakerHelllooooooooooo 😉 So I’ve decided i’ve been too cutesy lately and I miss my dark attire. YES, one cute post amongst many a dark ones, drains me. I MUST BE EVIL MWAHAHA! I think grumpy cat agrees, tbh. So now I’m Back to Black and ready for trouble! There’s soo soo soooo many events going on right now, and I am going insane. Words cannot express how much I want everything. All of it. I need it to be mine. For now, however, a few things will suffice. For example, SNAP’s presence in Thrift Shop 3.0 has left me very happy. Glasses with a bullet in them, and fingerless gloves definitively make me feel like a bad-ass and I am forever grateful for these. I feel like I can go pixel punch a few lame-o’s now. Cubic Cherry’s item for Final Fantasy Fair also is making me soo thuupperr happy…

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Tied Up In Bows

Ello again Lil Ones ❤

Hope you all have had a fantastic weekend, mine has been lovely, hence my lack of posting, sometimes RL is just so wonderful that SL has to take a backseat! Tho that being said, I did spend some quality time with the Wifeh in SL talking about everything from Poo to Vom’ing – yeps thats real love right there!

Anyhoooo, in SL, we have some brand spanking newness from Hollipocket, at The Big Show & With Love fair, theres more to come too,  so stay tuned!

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