How to be a Heartbreaker

Horror Hood

How to be a HeartbreakerHelllooooooooooo 😉 So I’ve decided i’ve been too cutesy lately and I miss my dark attire. YES, one cute post amongst many a dark ones, drains me. I MUST BE EVIL MWAHAHA! I think grumpy cat agrees, tbh. So now I’m Back to Black and ready for trouble! There’s soo soo soooo many events going on right now, and I am going insane. Words cannot express how much I want everything. All of it. I need it to be mine. For now, however, a few things will suffice. For example, SNAP’s presence in Thrift Shop 3.0 has left me very happy. Glasses with a bullet in them, and fingerless gloves definitively make me feel like a bad-ass and I am forever grateful for these. I feel like I can go pixel punch a few lame-o’s now. Cubic Cherry’s item for Final Fantasy Fair also is making me soo thuupperr happy…

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