Love, Jade

OMG! Check out this gorgeous group gift from [PXL] Creations!

Pics by Peep

1 PXL Jade Love Edition

I do love Jade. It is the skin I have worn since it arrived on the scene sometime last year. And I love being a member of [PXL] Creations Women’s VIP Group because Hart Larsson spoils us with lovely skins. The latest group gift is Jade “Love Edition” and she is scrumptious.

With a sprinkling of freckles and oh-so-kissable lips, this creamy skin is just perfect for Valentine’s Day and beyond. Or heck, even before! This is the Natural tone, the one I almost got when I picked out the Sunkissed and Olive tones I now sport. Next time, I think I’ll forgo the Olive and go with the Natural.

Being a member of the [PXL] Creations group not only gives you access to exclusive gifts, but you get 10% back on all of your purchases. So I splashed out on the Slink Hand Appliers. It may be a gift…

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