Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 Part I

Stupid Cupid Hunt 2 is the last hunt of Evil Bunny Hunts, and will run till 15th december, is totally free and you will find a lot of stores and prizes, furniture, skins,clothes, etc. At the end you will have the landmark of the hidden place where you will find the sponsors gifts, so don’t leave it in middle or you will loose sponsors gifts 😉
Details HERE

Love Struck

Ello again Darlings ❤

Well, here we are fast approaching Valentines Day, and SL is going all out – as ever!
Now dont accuse me of being all “Hum Bug” but valentines day has never been my fave celebration, even as a happily married woman, I find it all a bit forced. But, for peeps with romantically challenged other halves I suppose it can serve a purpose 😀
So I will try and embrace the occasion, and here we have a subtely Valentines Day themed posty 😀

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