Time Gets Away From Us So Quickly

Linda Reddevil's Blog

I hadn’t realized how long I’d been away or hadn’t posted until I received an email this morning that I was removed from the Grid Syndicate for not posting in 45 days!  That’s a nice holiday for me right?  I’ve been busy in RL doing taxes and working on SL projects.  If you’re my friend on Facebook and have read my wall posts lately, you’ll notice I’m being a bit cryptic about something that’s coming in SL, but it’ll be worth it.  When it’s time to announce what’s going on, I’ll also post here, of course. 🙂

Well, holiday is over and I’ll be putting together some designs this weekend to blog and therefore, keep my blog page current.  If your at all curious, come see my blog page and hit the follow button.  http://www.lindareddevil.com.  When the mood strikes, I really am a decent blogger and photographer and I don’t…

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