New-to-me Meme


This week Strawberry Singh’s meme is called New-to-me Meme.

Meme instructions: Blog something you’ve never blogged before and/or something you normally wouldn’t blog. 

The idea of this meme came from Trixie Bumbo, who mentioned “So many (bloggers) seem to blog the same skin, the same hair, the same creation from the same fashion event…..well, there’s a LOT of undiscovered talent out on the grid and it would point a lot of people in some new directions.”

I think the reason why bloggers seem to blog the same stuff is because they all have the same sponsors.  There is nothing wrong with getting review items.  But that is what happens when designers give their bloggers the same stuff.

I enjoy exploring all different types of styles.  I have done one other sci-fi post, but this outfit is not similar at all to that one.  All of these items are from designers I have never blogged before.  (I cheated some and found most of it on the Marketplace lol).

A great hunt that occurs twice a year is the Unknown Hunt.  It features stores that have recently opened.  The next one is in June, and the hunt gifts are free!  Check it out! 🙂

Today is a snow day for me so I had a little time to do a post.  Yuck, tired of all the snow (I live in USA, East Coast).

Credits at SL Freebie Addiction.