Girl About Town

Girl About Town

“But the beauty is in the walking — we are betrayed by destinations.” ~ Gwyn Thomas

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Ramblings Of A Smiling Blogger

Just a rambling post and a photo of a pretty place. And some pretty new hair and accessories 🙂

Pics by Peep

1 It all starts with a smile

I took a day off of my world travels to visit a familiar location, It all starts with a smile. I have loved this sim since I first saw it about a year ago. Owners Kaelyn Alecto and Maxxster Resident have generously opened it to the public and it is refreshed seasonally. It is a lovely, whimsical place with rolling hills, paths to wander and all sorts of adorable and surprising vignettes around every corner. I thought about doing a full photo shoot of the sim, but to be honest, I was tired and that just taxes my little brain too much. I do love taking landscape photos, but it is not an easy task for me. Too much thought has to go into camera angles and lighting for it to be relaxing. So in order to just kick back and enjoy myself, I just shot a couple of…

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