If burlesque tickles your fancy, then you need to head over to Serafilms Moulin Rouge event now!

Pics by Peep

1 Frogstar Wertina_021

I feel a bit like I should be transported to the Red Light District of Amsterdam right about now. I have never been, but I have heard the tales of ladies of the evening sitting in their windows, waiting for trade. I don’t even know if that is still in practice, but sometimes an image can bring a story to life.

The pose prop by Frogstar is one of the Rare gacha items at this month’s Serafilms Moulin Rouge event. This is the hot pink version, but you can purchase directly the same prop in black, crimson or purple. Commons in the gacha machine are the stool with a few poses, and the other rares are the stool with tons of poses.

1 Frogstar Wertina_043

You can also find the corset and lace mask from Wertina and the stunning Sabine necklace and earrings from Cae at the same event.

I think I’ll turn…

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